Playstation Disc Swap

Simple question. I'm sure somebody knows the answer to it. I just wanted to know if the method for playing burned games on the Playstation is similar to that of the Saturn (i.e., disc swapping). I know the Saturn determines the format of the CD in the console, then checks the security strip, and then the laser moves back to the center to initialize the disc. So, does the Playstation work just like this? And, if so, then is the swapping method the same? Yeah, any info would be appreciated. (Unless you're completely random like me and want to offer information on your mother's brownie recipe. Such bits of knowledge may be omitted from this thread....Just this once). Anywho. Thanks in advance.
well yes they are SIMILAR but the psx is a whiney little bitch and the motor will NOT stop when you swap off a disk so when you swap on a playstation it DOES harm it as opposed to when you swap on a saturn and it's relitivley safe (unless your realy slammin those discs on). I can't give you more detailed information on the timing of the swap as i've only ever seen my friends do it. Haha.. they wapped syphon filter 1. it would have been just as much to buy the thing as it would have been to buy all those cdr's
Unless you're really interested in the mechanics of disk swapping (I know I am), why don't you just get a mod chip? PSOne chips are dirt cheap these days.
If you have a pre-900x Playstation you can get an Action Replay cart (or similar). They stop the motor after the disc has been validated and lets you to swap without trouble.

Note that you also need a spring that keeps the door sensor depressed, but most carts and swapdiscs come with one.
For a PSOne, you could get a swap disc called PS-X-Change. It will act as a boot disc, stop spinning after a moment adn you can switch discs. It comes with a spring for older PSX and a sticker tab for use with PSone to hold down the lid sensor. Version 2 has a Gameshark like feature, but it doesn't save anything. Have to type it in each time you want to use a code.
If you have one of the original playstation's (don't know the model number
but it actually has the A/V ports in the back so you can use standard A/V cables to connect it to your TV (it will either be mono or stereo depending on what model you have)) Anyway if the model i've described is yours you just need to tape something on top of the "door sensor" and right when it gets to the black Playstation screen you can swap discs, or if you don't like that because it's still spinning try this:

1. With power off open lid, insert REAL psx game

2. power on PSX with lid open

3. go to the CD player option and once inside that tape something over the door sensor

4. when the disc stops spinning and the number of audio tracks are visible on the screen then take out the original psx game and replace it with your back up or import

5. simply exit the CD player and the game will boot up

If you have the next model after these early playstations it doesn't have the direct A/V plugs right in the back but it does still have the parallel port, you can get something like an action replay/external mod chip for this and thats probably the cheapest/easiest way to play your backups

If you have the next model after that one you don't have the A/V plugs AND you don't have the parallel port for this you need an internal mod or I RECOMMEND the ps-x-change which someone has already stated. For this model (and all previous models) ps-x-change v1 AND v2 work.

If you have the new mini-PSOne then you need either an internal mod or the ps-x-change VERSION 2

And that's that :
Originally posted by Zziggy00@Aug. 15 2002, 5:29 pm

If you have the next model after that one you don't have the A/V plugs AND you don't have the parallel port for this you need an internal mod or I RECOMMEND the ps-x-change which someone has already stated.

You can also add a parallel port if you can find the kit, it's four wires to solder (IIRC) and a bracket you press on to a chip on the PSX's motherboard.

One thing to keep in mind with all these swapping methods is that some multi-disc games (like Chrono Cross) can't be played all the way through as they won't let you save the game before changing discs. A modchip is your only option for these games.