It's been brought up a couple times before (not here though) and is a scary thought. BUT it will never go through because everybody that owns a computer would be put in jail. About 2/3 of my clients have kazaa or something similar on thier computers.
i think it would be easily implemented

once they pass that crap and install it in new pc hardware - they would start to send out warings scaring people to stop -- it would be covered in the media (ofcourse saying what a wonderful thing it is and how it will help everyone) gettign the word out (magazines, newspapers, tv, and radio) - after they feel they have issued enough warnings to "vilolators" they will publicly make examples of a few people - to finaly scare off the rest and then that policeware will be a normal everyday thing -- every now and then some guy will be taken to court and so on -- and there will be noway ne1 can say they havent been warned

i think they will definatly do this one way or another--

and probably the only way to get by it is to not have your pc ever connected to the net and never share any of your copies to ne1

i thought what the major frelled up thing was that you wont be allowed to mess with your own property - thats a big time bad thing and if they pass that- more will follow - like messing with your car and so forth
That is so fucking gay.....couldn't you easily disable it? w/ a patch or sumthing? I know it says u will get busted and shit...but stuff goes bad on comps ALL the time....you could make a proggy to corrupt a few files and voila! it wouldn't work!

also, couldn't we just dualboot our pc's and have say, linux on there and then just use a linux-based proggy and do it that way?

You think they would support older OS's? say like Win98? I really dont think they would, it would be optimized for an NT system of course...so it would prob. atleast have a lil' problems w/ 98 if it was to even support it.

If something like this does go through...I will raise holy hell. I could care less if they get rid of kazaa and shit, for the ppl in the know there is always a way to get the stuff. Most of the music I get isn't from these file sharing proggys. it's from copying my friends cd's on my HD then burning a copy and leaving the cd on my HD in mp3 form for listening there.

just my thoughts and Q's, later all

*edit* woot! 777, lucky numba's hehe....
if it ever gets passed it won't be for a long time.

It's a big extreme and violates at least a couple personal rights
Originally posted by googlefest1@May 9, 2003 @ 03:01 PM

yea and dont personal rights get violated all the time

not usually by laws

I don't think that may people in the House and Senate let alone the President would vote for it.
the only ppl who worry about lame crap like this is the people who are doing illegal stuff
Oh yeah, it would be so nice to have a dongle in my computer telling the govern about everything I do.

The most interesting thing that makes this prone to fail is that there's no actual policeware project yet. Someone just made a project that: "put the big brother connected to the FBI in everyone's computer 100% of the time, and make it alert the police if a illegal mp3/movie/app is executed! How on hell it'll do that... I don't know this techie stuff, but it must be done!".

How on earth will this thing tell the difference between a mp3 I recorded from my child's first words, and the metallica mp3s I just ripped off a CD? Both don't have the "special authorization copyright certificate given by GOD", so both would be suspect. Would the policeware upload the mp3 to the police to be verified?

For such thing work, *ALL* software and *MOST* hardware would need to be re-engineered. Audio/video recording software/hardware would need to have some sort of authentication system, that requests authentication for the home-created files from the govern. All OS'es would need to be modified to store authorization information for ALL files, and you'd need to request authorization when moving all your copyrighted files from your old HD to your new one.

Homebrew appz wouldn't run in any OS without an authorization, and it is obvious that such authorizations will have costs behind them. Free software would cease to exists, since everything has to comply with the govern licensing schemes and that would cost money.

Is that the kind of shit you see in countries that call themselves "example of democracy" and "land of the freedom", or in a dictatorship?

And people in USA got shocked in the past on how some extremist governs filters all their internet traffic and read everyone's e-mails... how ironic.
Even if its a MP3 I ripped from my own CD collection, there is nothing wrong with that.

If I can't, what good is an iPod?

I don't want to have to carry 100s of CDs everywhere I want to list to my music
My guess is that this "Policeware" or whatever they call it will be some sort of firmware in the motherboard on a distinguished chip. If you tried to flash it with something other than an updated version of the "Policeware," you would be screwed and an automatic alert would be sent to the source!

People have copied music for years and years. Remember how many of your friends would copy whole albums to tapes and movies for that matter? They still do it today!! Everyone would be in the slammer!!! These reps that constructed this ridiculous bill for proposal are hypocrites themselves and they know it!!!!
First of all, the idea that computer and software developers could be required to incorporate government spyware into their products is crazy. Not even the most anti-liberal of Republicans would pass something like that. That would hurt economic development, and since everything would be locked into forced compatability with a system that would be quickly out of date, it would hurt technological development as well.

That said, I did read a story in the newspaper a few months back about the FBI developing a trojan virus that, when infecting someone's system, would scan for files that may contain child pornography, then forward those files and the computer's IP to an FBI server for human investigation. The story interviewed one of the developers, who said the biggest concern was that they would get bombarded with files that the trojan could not determine to be legal.
Originally posted by VertigoXX@May 9, 2003 @ 09:13 PM

That said, I did read a story in the newspaper a few months back about the FBI developing a trojan virus that, when infecting someone's system, would scan for files that may contain child pornography, then forward those files and the computer's IP to an FBI server for human investigation. The story interviewed one of the developers, who said the biggest concern was that they would get bombarded with files that the trojan could not determine to be legal.

Kinda like a sting operation?

Like the FBI could pose as a child porn site or something and get guys to download their stuff?
yea the software and hardware would have to be re-done-- but it does say all new computer stuff

someone made a comment about that spying stuff and how imposible is that -- they do that now with emails and websites --- you guys sign your souls away when you sign up with a new isp -- what do you think is in those 100page agreements you click ok to say-- this will just enhance that by also includeing an illeagle to bypass policeware and have your computer spy on you in addition to your isp

that guy that said this only worries people that do illegal stuff -- that is such a retarded comment(sorry but the emotion that is brought up by that is limiting my vocabulary) (sorry ive never badmouth someones comments in this way but something like that uhh dam. - i have a block now)

WHO FUCKING GIVES A CRAP IF YOU DO ILLEGAL SHIT OR NOT -- HOW CAN YOU AGREE TO BE SPIED ON , WATCHED , PROBED. DO YOU CARE NOTHING OF YOUR PERSONAL PRIVACY!!!!! those people i see on tv, hear on the radio, calling talk shows , talking about how private citizens need to be watched , monitored, anal probed. that say people should have less rights -- for saftey reasons and other bulshit man --- i just dont get how people can agree to giving up thier rights and privacy - i just dont
Something to keep in mind.

Anytime you step onto public property you can be watched and probed any way they feel like it AS long as it doesn't intrude on your personal body. IE. They can watch your every move, record your every action.

The internet is a public space (for all intents and purposes) so anything you do there can be watched, recorded and scanned. If you don't like it then don't step out on the "public" internet. Yes having software on YOUR computer is not good but having software on your isp's computers to scan your activities is not illegal in any sense.

Remember the post office can open ANY package for ANY reason if they believe that the contents may be breaking the law somehow. Privacy is an illusion people hide their bad acts behind. If you're not doing anything wrong (which somehow doesn't seem likely for most of the people who visit this site) then what do you have to worry about?
There is one flaw in your arguement, though Gameboy. What about things that you do legitimately that you don't want anyone to know about? Nobody (nobody sane that is) allows or would want cameras in their shower for instance - it is a legitimate thing that we want total privacy for in most cases.

There are similar circumstances when you use a computer too. Use your imagination.