Problems modding my Saturn

I have a 32 pin Saturn and at first I tried soldering the blue wire to the third pin and that didn't work, then I found the A/B soldering thing on this site and now with both originals and backups it goes to the CD player screen and displays "Checking disc format" for a few seconds and then does nothing. Any suggestions?
Maybe like you didn't clean up the solder on the 32-pin IC? You're gonna have to make sure there isn't any solder shorting (connecting) two or more of the pins on the IC. But to make sure you should remove the modchip from the equation entirely and see if it'll play originals - you could have the cable in backwards or something...
It's not a good sign that it isn't working after you've removed the mod...

Are all of the cables that run to the CD board properly attached?

Maybe try pulling them out and re-inserting them.
I just found the problem...I broke the third pin.

Can this be fixed?
Not easily.

With some very careful soldering you could, but it would be very fine work...
Anything highly conductive should do the trick, but the problem is you have to be really careful... maybe cover the other pins with something.
you can just run a wire from the the broken pin t the chip where it goes to, its the one with 64 pins i think, just turn over the CD drive and follow where the line goes and run a wire to there