problems with bin and cue

ok, I have a bin and cue that I'm trying to burn but it refuses to burn properly. I've been told to use cdrwin but that doesn't work. How do I successfully burn a bin/cue?


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correction: cdrwin works, you probably just dun know how to use it right ^_~. I've been told you can open the .cue file in nero and burn that way, though I'm fairly sure it doesn't show up on the list of files. In any case, if you open it in nero it should work for you.
Have you tried to burn it in raw mode?If that doesn´t work try to make another image of the bin+cue using cdrwin with raw mode unselected,sometimes we have to try different settings to burn sucessfully :)


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It's probably the cue file... open the cue file in notepad and change the address to where it is on your harddrive, then it should work.