Problems with Easy Cd Pro 95

I downloaded the recommended burning software. Works fine testing speed, then it gets to actually writing the files. all goes well until about 2/3 of the way through, it gives me some bullshit error, spits the CD out, and I have to start again. It does this everytime. I'd use different software, but the only FAQ on burning CD's that's easy enough to understand only gives an example using that program. What can I do?
Theres nothing at all magical about EZ CD except that the letters EZ seem to appeal to the same people who line up at bookstores with a big yellow ".XXX FOR DUMMIES" in their hands..

EZ CD creator just doesnt work with every burner.. It sure doesnt work with mine..

I've burned practically everything with CDRWIN using the cue maker app.. I generally do an iso2raw on the first track, and convert the mp3s to wav, then burn the thing RAW DAO..

Saturn, or even Sega CD for that matter, arent some magical format like DC (which is a screwed up multisession disc) or PSX (and all its subcode reads).. As far as the burning goes, its a straight forwared mixed mode iso9660 burn.. Data track, Audio tracks, close session, play..

On a few games, i've had problems after i burned DAO, namely Wonder 3 for Saturn, and Working Designs titles (Lunar, Vay) for the Sega CD.. Burning them TAO seemed to fix that.. I suspect these have their own CDDA code (ie, "play sectors xxxxx-yyyyy" rather than "loop track 8")... all i can say is if audio is skippy and fudge

ed up try burning TAO.. (Some games dont work in TAO either, ie; eternal champs for sega cd froze/music died).. The solution of course would be to find good full images of games (ie, bin/cues or cdis or similar) and to beat the #### out of anyone ripping iso/mp3.. but for the kids, its quantity over quality, so what'r'ya'gonna'do

Anyways, my point is, practically any burning program that allows you to follow an iso image up with wav files will do just fine to burn saturn/sega cd
EasyCD Pro 95 don't work on a whole lotta burners. I'm glad it works on the one I have now. Of course, you said EZCD Creator. I never touch that stuff - it no good fo' no one. :)

I'm surprised to hear you had problems with EC_CD in TAO. I burn all my SCDs TAO and EC_CD works 100% AOK.
its hardly surpurising that it doesnt work with all burners though, i have an original of easy-cd pro, which was with my burner, i brought that over 4 years ago, maybe more, so any newer non-standard stuff wouldnt be supported, its also discontinued software (god knows why, it was the better of the two programs from adaptec imo)
most of those it doesnt work with are the cheaper burners though, like freecom and other rebranded ones, quality burners eg yahama, plextor etc tend to be supported by far more software than cheaper models as you have probabbly noticed
Just wondering, is Easy CD Pro 95 the best way to actually burn a Mega/Sega/Saturn CD from ISO/MP3 without losing any quality? Just odd really because this program seems a little old to be using it.


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the age of the program has absolutely no influence on the quality of the burn. you have to convert the mp3s to wav first anyways.