Problems with Snatchers

I have quite a big problem burning Snatchers...

Once I downloaded the MP3s, I converted them to WAV using Winamp. I converted the ISO to PAL and then burned them in the usual way using Easy CD 95. I burnt at 4x, DAO.

Once I burnt it and started getting into this great game, I noticed that the music tracks and some of the speech (when the music tracks are playing) Were amazingly fast, like putting a tape on LP when it's only an SP tape.

The wavs and MP3s on my HD are fine, and the same speed thing happens when I put the CD in an audio player so it is obvioulsy a bad burn.... but how? Subsequent burns have done the same thing, but all my other Mega CD game tracks operate fine and there is nothing on the SCDCONV compatabillity list that says it has no out of sync problems due to it only being 50hz, any ideas?.

Note:I cannot burn at 1x due to my burner messsing up on me at that speed...
its probabbly caused by the mp3'es being at 22khz or something like that

get the bin/cue rip, it will give you less problems, since snatcher is also sensitive to the pregap/postgap settings, which are not the default on the original cd
It was weird... I tried on TAO twice and it failed saying invalid audio format.... Then I did it again exactly the same and it worked. The fast audio problems have now gone, but because of the pregap, the audio and screen is occasionally out of sync.

Thanks anyways megametal