Oh ok

Is this a help wanted ad or something?

Care to be a little more specific?
it is a help wanted ad iwant to create a working version of sonic xtreme i can do 3d modeling but i need a programmer cause i cant program
Have you ever played the game? or even seen it in action?

Do you have any source code?

The game was never released to the public, so I don't think there are too many people that would be able to help you no matter how good of a programmer they are.
It sound interesting, but you also have to watch the legal reprocussions of doing so. Sonic is a trademarked comodity, and using it's likeness, or the name of a game which may very well still have a copyright held by Sega, can land you in hot water.

Ex. Just see

Also, if your looking for a programmer, you'll have to state what the language proficiency requirements and the amount of theory you expect an individual to know. You know: C, C++, MFC, OpenGl, Direct3d, Java, HTML, XML, ML, MIPS RISC Assembly, etc.

*Edit* Not that you would actually program a GAME in HTML, etc.
the language doesnt matter but the programmer would need to be fairly good.

i have never played the game i have a lot of media and information on the game such as musci and sprites as well as a video of the game running id drop the project if sega wanted me to but id like to at least try

i have almost finished my design document on the project.
I know pretty much everything there is to know about Sonic Xtreme. Swing by and check the xtreme section. We've got an interview with Chris Senn, who was in charge of the project. We also have a shitload of beta snapshots, artwork, midi's, and there are the full sprite packs of it floating around somwhere. BTW, all the characters and objects were just sprites for normal gameplay.

If you're interested in any of the other sonic games, take a look around, and swing by the forum as well. There's quite a large community involved in sonic hacking, and some of the people really know thier stuff (take me for example

[plug]BTW, if anyone here is interested in hacking the genesis sonic roms take a look at for my hacking guides. [/plug]