PS2 for an Xbox?

Heya people.

Anyone out there willing to trade their Xbox for a PS2?

The PS2 comes modded and includes the GameShark which is needed to run copied games. Only thing is my GS cd is a little scratched so the PS2 is having a tough time reading it, but I do have an extra cd lying around which I have been looking for and which I should hopefully find this weekend. If not I could buy one off EBay and send it your way.

Anyways, the PS2 is modded and comes with Gran Turismo 3 (complete) and Metal Gear Solid (just the cd).

Also have the rf for it aswell as monster cables for it.

Im up in Toronto Canada so if anyone's interested send me an e-mail either here... or here

later kids.
I dont mean to offend,

but i really dont understand why someone would decide on a mod that ends up needing the swap method anyway, rather than one of those mods that doesnt require it. That's sorta defeats the purpose... other than the 'backups' i mean.