PS2 (Region 1 USA) and DVD on PAL TV (Germany)

Ok I dont know about if Ps2 has a different cable for the dvd but anyways my prob is this. I HAVE the PSX scart cable from my older PSX and it works fine after I changed PS2 to be RGB mode. HOWEVER when playing a DVD I have green tint. Wont play dvd in right colors. Rem I Have a NTSC PS2 playing on PAL Tv. My Protable dvd doesnt have this issue as I can set it to output in PAL mode. But Why will the games play in perfect color yet the dvd doesnt...odd....any ideas?
From what I've heard, it's intentional. They make DVDs play with a heavy green tint over RGB so that you can't play DVDs properly without Macrovision (which, AFAIK, doesn't work with RGB). There's supposed to be something like a single jumper wire mod to remove this, and I think the DVD Region X might do it too but I'm not sure.

edit: took a look at the DVD Region X website, and it says that it can get around the problem...

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You have to do a RGB fix or get a DVD Region X,or you can get one of those RGB cables that are both RGB and normal AV cables and switch when a DVD is played.

This was hammered to Sony after some people found out that when using an RGB cable you can copy the movies on tape when using some japanese they had to do something about it..
it's a single bridge between a pin and GND, it'll remove the color issue.

you can use a s-video or composite cable to get around it instead, at the loss of some quality, or by using a dvd region X cd.
The reason for the "green tint" (forced component output) is to do with Macrovision, but it's nothing to do with copying as such.

IIRC there's a clause in the license which states that if RGB output is provided on a DVD player, it must be in the form of a 21-pin SCART connector (which almost all European DVD players have). Because the PS2 has a proprietary connector, it isn't "allowed" to have a RGB output for DVD playback.

It's a bit silly, really, but there you go :)


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