PS2 text reader?

I know I cant use my laptop 24/7 to read txt files. I would like to know if someone here is able to make a text file reader. This would help me out to have my game walkthough or tips or WHATEVER be able to read on my Ps2. Its a simple idea really but could be nice if you can read them. Ideas? (Hey im not asking for html at least lol)
there's a webbrowser called eggbrowser on the net.. it might be able to display text or even html files off cd, considering it can be used as an ugly mp3 player too.
Thats another thing......Mp3 player for Ps2, Is there one for DL? My sis gripes that she cant listen to her mp3 collection that she made because Im on the laptop. Is there one around?
Again linux will solve the thing to do ANYTHING you can do on a PC on your PS2.... (except, although for a while, play DVD movies while you have linux loaded)...

If you are refering to READINg the actual text data of PS2 discs, that is another thing, and quite simple to achieve
No just hand made txt files and so. I cant use egbrowser currently as I dont have the mod chip installed however the iso I made I gave to arakon and he reports it working.