PSO campaign - Help get it back online! (Deadline 09/04/07)


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Hi all,

Ok, if anybody here wants to help in an attempt to save the official EU Dreamcast Phantasy Star online server, listen up!

As you may be aware the EU Dreamcast Phantasy Star online server went offline a few days ago, as a result I am running a campaign to try to persuade SEGA to either re-instate the server, or give the Dreamcast community a chance to pay for the servers ourselves. Obviously we do not know the cost of the latter at this stage, but the opportunity would be a start. (Please note: this is not a request for money)

Here is a run down of the current situation:

First things first, I know this has little to no chance of being successful, but whilst there is any glimmer of hope I am willing to try and I hope you are to.

This all started when I decided to do a bit of research into the IP address of the EU PSO server. The upshot of it is, I found out where the servers are located and who has control of them, its a company called NTT Europe who are based in London and NOT SEGA, sega have a contract with NTT Europe for a number of different things, including the EU Dreamcast PSO servers.

I then contacted NTT Europe and was put in contact with a guy who seems interested and eager to help and has said he will look into it personally. The upshot of the conversation was that he could not currently say with any certainty that they hosted the server, but he did say that SEGA definitely have an account with them and that they DO HOST servers for SEGA.

After I had told him the story of what has happened he seemed very intrigued and interested, including a comment about how impressed he was that I tracked them (not that hard). Anyway, he said he had contacts directly with SEGA-europe and that he would contact them to see what is going on...he also said he would talk to the tech guys to find out what is happening with the server. Unfortunately it seems there will be no progress on this now until after Easter, but hopefully there will be some movement soon after.

So...whats next? Well I await his response, but in the mean time I have decided to start a letter campaign, so that I can put together a pack of letters to send into Sega-Europe straight after Easter



Include an explanation on why you would prefer to play PSO on the Dreamcast hardware as opposed to other hardware platforms.

If you played PSO online for your Dreamcast before, please recall some of your fond memories of playing online.

If you have never played PSO online before, please write about why you would like to play it online.

Add any addition comments you might want to include on your own.

Include your full name, regional location, and email contact. A home address is not required. Just include your City, State/Province, and Country. (If you are outside of Europe/Australia it may be better to make this part up )

Please take care in writing your letter! Do not just scribble 1 paragraph, and do not make a long-winded tail. Aim for half a page to 2 pages.

Please email all "Save PSO" letters to: savepso AT

Please make sure you include your username and the boards you are from in the E-mail.

Get going guys, can't promise this will work, but we'll try it....

DEADLINE FOR LETTERS: 9th April 2007 (9pm GMT+1)

I am having to enforce this very early deadline as time is not on our side, please support this campaign!

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As much as I would like Sega to listen chances are they will not. A similar attempt failed with regards to the Jap server and the HL authentication server. SCHTHACK still has his PSO server up and running and ppl are working hard on a way for USV2 Jap v1 and v2 to connect online once the HL server goes down. Also attempts were made to bring as many people over from both the Jap and UK servers over to his. Why fight a losing battle when others need your support. Viva la Sega!