PSO v2 Dead

Jaded God

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Ok so it has been some time since I have played my PSO v2 on DC.

I was testing it again about 7 months ago or so and I was playing it OFFLINE and all of a sudden, *BOOM* BLACK SCREEN.

so I just tried it again for the first time in a long time and it got past the SEGA logo and then stayed black...

Now it goes to the SEGA logo with the white screen and then removes the logo and shows an all white screen for a few seconds then goes back to Dreamcast Menu screen. :flamethrower:

I put in my v1 PSO and it boots up just fine.

This black thing happened to one of my friends Dreamcasts on PSO v1.

It is very very odd.

P.S. - No, the disc is not scratched, it is MINT, I take care of all of my games.. It remained in its case.
Try loading it through a boot disc?

Dreamcast GD-ROMs are more dense than normal CD's, so they're a bit more vulnerable. And keep in mind there could be label damage you can't see.