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Is it true that the PsONE can make use of a boot disc similar to that of the utopia boot disc for the dreamcast?
Yes, i have it

PS-X-change Version 2 is what you need

it's a stamped disc that loads up and then stops spinning, it includes a little piece of plastic that you cover up the door sensor with so you can swap out the disc
Originally posted by googlefest1@Nov. 17 2002, 9:22 am

i have one of those you still need a stealth mod to play the anti mod games

nope, find out the gameshark code, and when the screen says swap disc and hit start, hit select instead...A gameshark style screen will appear and you just enter the code
Screw all those ideas. Just go and get a codebreaker(like 10 dollars maX) and u can use that as a gameshark/PAR/Codebreaker plusit boots copied games w/o a modchip and I have never had a game not boot for me. That includes most the DDRs.
Can it also be used with Chrono Cross? (When you have to change discs in Chrono Cross the game doesn't allow you to save before the swap, power off and boot from the second disc like most games.) AFAIK no cart can do this, which is one of the primary reasons I installed a modchip in my Playstation. Oh if Sony had only had the sense to separate the copy protection and region information like Sega..
A modchip is easily the best solution. You can get the Onechip for peanuts now and it boots every single game directly, import or backup. Plus, seeing as I'm in PAL-Land, it also changes the default video output to 60hz. It doesn't force 60hz on non PAL-optimised games though, unfortunately.. Most of my games are NTSC for that reason.
A cheat cart and PALPAR are almost essential in PAL areas. Unfortunately PALPAR doesn't work on all games, but it's very handy for the games it does work with.