Question for the Saturn Community who are experienced.

Cecilia Chen

Ban Hammered

I recently received a mod board for my little cousins SS Machine. Since I purchased my system directly from a Chinese store, which installed everything, I'm unsure how I should go about installing it. Some important information I should note is that it is a 21 Pin board and it does not contain a timing crystal built in. It has two color-coded wires; red and blue, and red is marked as +5V. Although it is marked, I would like to independently verify this claim myself if possible. I'm assuming there are diagrams, which will indicate the proper +5V position? When I install the board, the main concern I have is with the blue Timing/Pulse wire. Older mod boards had the crystal build in, so only a direct ribbon bypass was needed. I'm assuming this blue wire must be connected to a pin on one of the IC's located near the CD-Rom drive? Some web pages such as "Mod world" found on the "" web site did indicate where to make such connections, however I'm reluctant to use them as a reliable source since I'm sure many people in the Saturn community would agree that they are a very poor and unreliable reseller.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

Cecilia Chen, has mod pics as well.

as for the 5V, there are several different power supply styles. I recommend measuring the voltage on the PS pins with a multimeter, unless it has the actual voltages written on the pcb next to the pins (did on mine).