question on SS emu called Satourne

dude i have installed it and its way to slow on my machine.. u need at lease 2Ghz p4. this guy who codes it has done some amazing work on it!! hope he keeps it up

if u want a link go here under them emulators section u will find it
Yeah, it's REALLY slow, you're better off using a Saturn.

Anyway, have you downloaded a saturn bios? then renamed it "saturn_bios.bin" and placed it in the /bios folder of Satourne?

And it doesn't run CDs yet, you have to load Saturn Game Binaries with the "Charger binaire Saturn" button, I think it says "Load Saturn Binary" if you're using the English build.
thx for the help.
Another question again, lol. I got these errors when I did what you told me to do with the bin files and I made they were not corrupt. Even though I downloaded the english version, it gives an error in French. Does anyone know what this means?

1.erreur au chargement de la libraie ASPI

2.erreur a l'obtention des addresses des fonctions ASPI

They came one after the other and then shut down. Thx.