Well, since the FTP section is gone to the great big messageboard in the sky, and looks to be lingering there for a long time, if not forever...

Would it be alright to create a Msg board, Yahoo group, whatever, as a spinoff to host those people that still desire to share what they have?

If such a thing exists already, pardon my total abject ignorance on the part (lol). If one is already up or in the works, just drop me a message here. If not, just let me know if it is Ok, is not OK, whatever and I'll either go ahead or no longer ask about it.

Read the "where is the FTP section" thread very carefully and maybe you will find the answer.

Well, after reading that entire 8 page thread.. I must say it was rather... useless.

Nobody made ANY commitments about what is acceptable, a couple of solutions were made, one was shot down.

Two sites were mentioned, one by Zziggy00, and both on .tk, nither of which are working right now, so I can't say as what they may or may not be offering.

Oh well... forget I said anything... I'll just see what is resolved later on.

I don't really care about the loss of the section, though it was a great resource for many people, it was not the reason I joined.

I care about the resource itself... it's nt easy for people to find some of the older games out there.

This was, to some, a great resource to share those older games, to others it was just a place to score free games.

I'd like to either find, or set up, a place to share the old games again. Seeing as how this is one of the best places for Sega related information, I'd like to do it with the blessing of those in charge here, as this would be a great place to find information on everything else relating to Sega and thei past systems.

Zziggy00's site is up at the moment and caters for those who can't or won't get their games any other way.

Lots of familiar names there too. :