Questions about CUE sheets and Shining Force CD

On the FAQ about burning SegaCD games with CDRWIN it says that you have to make a cue sheet... on that cue sheet do you need to put the track start point or do you leave it at 0:00.

Also the Shining Force CD Soundtrack on this has 34 tracks but the one from Area51 FTP only has 12 I believe. Which one is the correct one. Or should I hunt down my friend and have him give me my copy of the game back?


For ISO/MP3 or ISO/WAV, you would leave it at

INDEX 01 00:00:00. For BIN/CUE, it would be different (i.e., audio tracks do not start at 00:00:00). See this thread for these two types of cue sheets.

As for the Shining Force CD, it should have 34 audio tracks (i.e., TRACK02 --> TRACK<span style='color:yellow'>35</span>) according to the Shining Force CD page under the Sega CD Music section. The 12 files you see from Area51's FTP are probably the audio tracks in MP3 form compressed into 12 WinRAR archives.