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What are some good racing games on Saturn? I already have Daytona and Sega Rally, and Wipe-out and Daytona CE on the way
Well, here is a list of most Saturn racers released outside japan. Some of them are only japan though...

* Sega Rally - Best racinggame ever made

* Daytona USA CCE - Second best racinggame ever made

* Sonic R - fast and fun, looks fantastic, a bit short

* Wipeout 2097 - Much better than the first one

* Manx TT Superbike - Really fast and fun, a bit short though

* Street Racer - 2 - 8 player splitscreen without slowdown

* High Velocity - Good racing game. Some like it, some dont

* The Need For Speed - Very realistic, and loads of options

* Highway 2000 - Quite rare. Looks cool

* Hang On Gp - Kinda like Manx. Manx is better though

* Nascar 98 - realistic but dull game, suits fans better

* Andretti Racing - ok game, nothing more, or less

* Cyber Speedway - nice design, ok game

* Hi-Octane - Like Cyber Speedway

* F1 Challenge - looks nice, real drivers / cars

* Impact Racing - Shoot em up racing game

* Off World Interceptor Extreme - like Impact Racing

* Road Rash - Fun game, looks good

* Scorcher - Futuristic style, good graphics

* Sega Touring Car Championship - Loads of options

* TNN Motorsports - HardCore 4x4 - monstertruck racing

* Tunnel B1 - More shoot em up than racing, but very good

* GT 24 - Good game, some innovative ideas

* Destruction Derby - Fun for a while, lets Bowl!

* King The Spirits 2 - succesor to High Velocity, very good

* Outrun (Sega Ages) - Classic

* Rad Mobile / Gale Racer - Classic, innovative

* Drift King 97 / Syutokoh Battle '97 - race around tokyo, good

* Vatlva - 6 player games, like Micro Machines

* Choro Q - Nice different racing game

There are more though. These are the ones i remember now.

Almost all of those mentioned have two or more player splitscreen modes.
you forgot :

- Code R

- Initial D

- Wangan Dead Heat

- Nissan Overdrivin GTR

- Formula Karts SE

- Wangan Trial Love

- Zero4 Champ DooZy Type-R

- Tactics Formula

- Full Cowl Mini 4-ku Super Factory

- Deka Yonku -Tough The Truck

- Highway 2000

- Race Drivin

- Virtua Racing

- maybe Micromachine V3 ?
Unfortuanatly most of em sucked

I dont agree at all. Almost all of them are great, exept for a slow framerate in a few of them. Much better than those of other consoles atleast. Though, nothing beats the arcade versions.

VBT, we almost have a complete list now!

Add that boatracing game mentioned before, and maybe some other not known japanese ones.And it will be almost complete
Originally posted by vbt@Jan. 24 2003, 3:34 pm

you forgot :

- Wangan Dead Heat

- Nissan Overdrivin GTR

- Zero4 Champ DooZy Type-R

- Deka Yonku -Tough The Truck

- Highway 2000


Highway 2000 is the US release of Wangan Dead Heat, racing only, the girls/videos were completely removed.

Nissan Overdrivin' GT-R is the Japanese version of Need For Speed featuring an extra car (which one is obvious).

Deka Tough The Truck is the Japanese version of TNN Motorsports 4x4 Hardcore.

As for Virtual Boat Race 2... well... it's a boat racer. The control has little to do with cars, it's probably best comparable to Cyber Speedway if anything (in terms of control). It IS, however, also much more complex and has a tiresome amount of menus and statistics screens. Not an arcade racer in any sense...

Finally a question: what, if anything, do you know about Zero 4 Champ Doozy Type R? I've previously tried without success to find info on this game. Seen a cover shot but that's it.

-- EDIT: --

You guys (Daniel and vbt) have done such an impressive job at compiling a very nearly complete racing game list that I feel compelled to also mention that Wangan Dead Heat comes in two versions:

- a single disc released in 1995, featuring 10 girls

- a 2-disc set released in 1996, featuring five more girls (no duplicates from the first version) and a video-only disc with clips that play on Saturns with and without an MPEG card. Features the five girls up-close as well as some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the game (or rather, its video).

Other than that, the actual racing games are 100% the same.
Taelon, here are some information about Zero 4 Champ :

Also I'm trying to get Nissan Over Driving GTR and a guy who own it on Direct Connect told me that there a new viedos and Nissan cars but traffic and cops were removed.
Zero4champ can hardly be put in comparison with other racing games. It's more a mix between a racing simulation and a dating game. Very japanese indeed.

The series count games on almost every possible system.

Oh, and it sucks.

BTW Daniel Erikkson's comments in his list look very biased to me ^^
BTW Daniel Erikkson's comments in his list look very biased to me ^^

Maybe they are. But this is only what I think about the games, not as they are in a technical way, or compared to other games. However, I havent played some of them, and the info said at those few were taken from reviews from different pages. So those are not only my opinions.
Highway 2000 is the US release of Wangan Dead Heat, racing only, the girls/videos were completely removed.
There is also a European version of the game. It is called Highway 2000 as the US version, but it does include those pics and movies. This is only what I have read though, I have not tried it, so I cant say for shure.
Well thanks for all the info everyone

But eh, which ones are the best? I already have a lot of racing games on Dreamcast, so I'm not interested in getting a lot for Saturn. Basically I only want those games that are unique in some way, so that they will really add to my collection.
I'd say best Saturn racing games are :

- Sega Rally

- Daytona USA CCE

- Sega Touring Car

- Drift King 97

- Choro Q Park
I liked this game because you can customize your car and when you have a great car the speed is impressive. Even Sega Touring is not such fast. Also this game is very hard and remember me a little outrun with all these cars on the road. For example, I found High Velocity really boring because you play against only one car and the game is so slow ....

Moreover, graphics are really good and I love day management moving from the morning to the night.

Have look on this review :