Racing games

I, too, would suggest Outrun, Choro Q Park and Wipeout 2097 (known in Japan as Wipeout XL) for the Saturn. They're great games for one thing, and you won't easily find anything that compares to their "feel" on the Dreamcast.

BTW, I totally love Syutokoh Battle '97. I played it for hours and hours until I got hold of my DC and a copy of Tokyo Extreme Racer 2. Talk about a seamless switch ;-)
My favorites are


[*]Sega Rally

[*]Virtua Racing

[*]Road Rash

[*]Power Drift

I also quite like Manx TT, Daytona and Formula Karts.

Missed this bit before...

Originally posted by vbt@Jan. 25 2003, 7:34 am

you forgot :

- Gunbuster XTO

... snip...

- Full Cowl Mini 4-ku Super Factory

Aren't they the same game?

What I've got is 'Fully Cowled Mini 4WD Super Factory' (special limited edition) that has a Gun Bluster XTO body kit for a model car.

I wish I knew what the game was all about. ???
vbt, that's the one I've got.

I still don't really know how to play it though. ???

I've only heard of the Initial D arcade game.

What's the Saturn game like? Anyone got any pics?
Initial D is the same kind of game as King The Spirits. You battle against one opponent. Here is a pic I made of Initial D.

Woa! Those jap-only racinggames seems great. Maybe I should try to find some of them. Anyone who has some screenshots from Wangan Dead Heat / Highway 2000? This seems very hard to find. The game is indeed rare. Also, I havent played any of the King The Spirits / High Velocity games. Are they good? I have read some reviews for them. Some like it, some dont. What say you?
Japanese racing games.... gotta love 'em.

Wangan Dead Heat isn't terribly rare, at least on eBay... the graphics are solid albeit simplistic, or plain... but the framerate is a solid 30fps. Actually the camera (or the car??) behaves a little odd, when you start drifting to go around a curve, you end up seeing the car AND the track almost from the side, yet while one would think that this would make it difficult to stay on track and not hit the rails, surprisingly it isn't. Takes a little getting used to, but the game is easy enough - challenging without being frustrating.

The girls are nice. Some are like, "riiiight....," but the others are knockouts.

Touge King The Spirits (High Velocity) was sort of the Saturn's answer to PlayStation's Ridge Racer... racing in the mountains, actually with good graphics, VERY well done sense of perspective and depth, but an inconsistent frame rate. What really brings the game down a bit, though, is that you have to select from many anonymous types of cars (hard to choose which is a good one), and then only race one computer opponent. Some of the tracks are also downright confusing.

The sequel - I've barely really played it yet, but its graphics are BOOMBASTIC, excellent by Saturn standards. Very realistic landscapes and car models, and awesome weather effects such as fog, rain, you name it. Not so much of a speed-oriented racer though, rather a skill-oriented one (many curves and ups/downs to navigate through).

Will gladly make screenshots upon receipt of a PM reminder. :
High Velocity is really a boring game, I played this game only few  hours, his sequel King the Spirts 2 was really better and had good graphics. You can win many great cars and I played only for that

Here is a pic of Wangan, I won the game with all girls  

That looks nice!

Taelon, could you get some screenshots from King The Spirits 1 and 2? Sounds quite cool. I plan to buy it since almost all racinggames I have for Saturn are more of the arcade type. (well, Nascar 98 isnt, but that game is reeaalllyy dull).

Btw, what is a PM reminder?

Also, VBT, would it be ok with you if I put up those nice collages that you made from those racinggames on my Saturnpage? I will add that you made them.
He wants you to send him a PM (private message) to remind him in the future ^^

Definitely get Touge 2 instead of the first one.

A sequel came out on PS2 about a year ago.
HOT DAMN, I don't know how vbt did it but his screenshots of Wangan are gorgeous. Meanwhile, I try my best with a webcam pointing at my game monitor, slightly out of focus to avoid moire patterns caused by scanlines, trying to grab an image in motion without too much blur. Blargh.
vbt, how did you DO IT???

Anyway. I took the liberty of skipping over Touge 1, so here's a few modest pics of Touge 2 - one that shows you the season/daytime/weather selections and five from actual racing (or rather, me positioning the car at the top of a steep slope and trying to quick grab that nice view down the valley before the car starts rolling faster and faster and crashes into the guard rail. LOL).




Finally, may I add that the framerate is through and through awesome... and playing the game again I realize how similar it is to both Code R and Initial D. Fans of mountain racing (and night racing) should probably get all three of these games.
For those who don't know yet Code R here are some pics :


Daniel, you can put all pics I made on your site.
Daniel, you can put all pics I made on your site.

I also wonder how you get this perfect picture quality. This last game mentioned, Code R, looks fantastic. I remember that you put up a pic from it it a "guess the game" competition that we had in a thread for some time ago. I never knew which game it was... well, now I do.
btw, Does it have a two player mode?
Yes I'm really patient, but SSF is not so slow with an Atlhon XP 1900+ and 512 mo
I finished She'sn with that emu.
vbt: amazing.
Of course, if I tried to run SSF on as slow a machine as mine is, I could draw a screenshot by hand quicker than I could grab it from the emulator.

What doesn't really show in your Code R screenshots though is that it's an interesting hybrid between a racing game and a dating sim - and that just watching the demos/replays is kinda fun as you'll see characters popping into the 3D action every now and then and commenting on the race's progress... very nearly like an anime cartoon.
Also, the way the environment is lit up by the cars' headlights at night is rather nice - for the Saturn. It's actually kinda blocky but looks cool nonetheless.
Also, the way the environment is lit up by the cars' headlights at night is rather nice - for the Saturn. It's actually kinda blocky but looks cool nonetheless.
Cool! I have looked for a Saturngame that has this feature for quite some time, and I thought there wasn´t any. Could you capture this on a screenshot? I wont ask more, I promise