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radiant silvergun emulation

Discussion in 'Saturn' started by Konami X68, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Konami X68

    Konami X68 New Member

    as a shmup freak

    just a simple question:

    giri giri hack or the new ssf emulates the radiant better?

    giri giri is good in my 1.7 ghz p4 for radiant (45-50 fps usually sometime even better) but giri giri hack generate many graphical glitches/bugs and a very annoying sound emulation

    my pc:

    p4 1.7 GHZ

    256 MB DDR RAM

    Soundblaster live!


    GFORCE 64 MB MX 440

    i've never tried ssf or enything else

    im using a JPN BIN of radiant not a cd

    also my GAMES DAT configuration for radiant is:

    ;Radiant Silvergun(J)(EAAAOoC?)(°²E«OE??)









    NormalSpriteCheck = 0

    ScaleSpriteCheck = 0

    DistSpriteCheck = 0




    if anyone knows something how to perfect the radiant emulation using giri giri hack,a GAMES DAT configuration or whatever post here

  2. Resident_Lurker

    Resident_Lurker New Member

    My system is pretty much identical to yours. I have not tried SSF, but Giri Giri runs RS quite nicely at around 55 FPS. Try overclocking the video card. But you're right about the sound: it eats it.
  3. Jurai

    Jurai Ban Hammered

    ssf is still to slow to run it at any playable speeds, unless your in the future with a 10thz pc
  4. Konami X68

    Konami X68 New Member

    maybe a better sound card like sblaster platinum 2 will speed up the things..and the sound emulation be better

    i forgot to tell u that i haven't yet installed the direct x9(i've 8.1)..and i've not installed the drivers for my soundcard(sblaster live!0 yet 'cause i hate everything about creative drivers(im using the drivers from my winxp pro disc

    my drivers for gforce 4 mx 440 64mb i've is:

    a driver update to graphic and soundcard too(if there are newer driver sets),an install of direct x9 will make the things better??
  5. Tagrineth

    Tagrineth New Member

    Konami, the sound card is mostly meaningless when emulating since it's all software anyway.
  6. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    It might help a tad, but nothing worth spending money on
  7. M3d10n

    M3d10n New Member

    Actually, it seems that GiriGiri's sound emulation has some good deal of HLE in it. Thus why it always complains about the sound card not supporting hardware sound buffering.

    Seems it relies on hardware buffer support to properly emulate the Saturn's sound buffer effects. I'm not sure if it would enhance the sound emulation, since I never tested GiriGiri on a videocard with proper hardware buffer, but it might surely speed up emulation.
  8. Konami X68

    Konami X68 New Member

    anyone knows how to disable the sound in giri giri hack??there must be a way!!

    there is not an option nowhere

    i've searched in games dat files..in all ini files in saturn profile under windows folder but there isn't

    it will make the things looking better if we'll disable the sound emulation for sure

    and after all i want to hera my psychedelic-trance mp3s while im playing radiant

    if there isn't a way i'll forget the damned emu and i'll play radiant in my moded saturn next time [​IMG]

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