Radiant Silvergun Problems

Has anyone been able to successfully burn and run the version of Radiant Silvergun that is currently hosted on the Lerpakungen FTP site (upped by Nightmare Child)?

I spent most of the night and about 6 CD's trying to get it to work, but to no avail.

Then I d/l Panzer Dragoon and burned it, just to make sure I didn't have a problem with my burner/software/media. It worked first time.

Can anyone confirm that the version of R.S. that's up on Lerpakungen actually works? If not, does anyone have a version they can send up?

I'm using the swap trick to run the game. After I do the swap, the "Licensed by Sega" screen comes up but the disc just keeps spinning and never loads the game. If I let it sit like that for about 4-5 minutes, the TV screen eventually goes blank.

So is it working for you?
I don't have the one from Lerpakungen's FTP. What you're experiencing sounds like a bad rip or a bad burn...
I've burned it 7 times now -- it is not a bad burn. I can burn working games from other ISOs no problem. I think the RIP is bad.

Would you be willing to share your version? I think the one on Lerpakungen's is a bad RIP.
Guys let me tell you a lil about swapping games . all games dont swap a like. R.S thats hard to swap the timing is critical my friend your burns are good. i think and your swapping to late. igot a list of games that are hard to swap

pocket fighters

War of fate 2

Mega man 8

Rock man x4

and alot more. oh yeah i found out that all capcom games are hard to swap

I got R.S off of tlepra sever and it works fine

do like me once you get it started dont turn it off until your kill it :) and your swapping to late

You da MAN! It was indeed just a difficult swap. I persisted and after about 6 tries I got it to load up! Thank you SO MUCH for your help -- I've been wanting to play this game for months now.

Thanks again,