RAM Question

My new computer has 256 Megs of PC133 RAM. If I put in my old 128 PC100 stick, will it slow the comp down? (Yes, my motherboard is compadible with PC100).
you will have to run the entire RAM at 100 mhz in that case.. which will be a little bit slower.
if your constantly running out of ram and doing alot of swapping, it'll speed it up signifigantly.. If your not (and you probably arent) it'll slow it down ever-so-slightly..

Only thing you probably do to eat that much RAM would be editting huge photo files, mastering big ass wav files, encoding dvds, etc..

Assuming you're like everyone else and you just browse the web and play games, I wouldnt bother..

But ####, stick it in, if its unbearably slow, take it out..