re: terra cresta from Ralos

anyone else notice the audio sync is off for this set of iso+mp3's? I'm requesting a working cue, or an alternative


thanx in advance for any help

p.s. I used the forum search b4 posting w/out any luck


in addition, all the mp3s play fine, no 2 seconds of blank space

in either mp3s or the converted wavs
You shouldn't bother, this shooter is terrible, really after I burnt it it was in my garbage can after 2 minutes.
Geez venom, he isn't interested in how much you hated the game. You ought to have helped him.

To the original poster... I just used Sega Cue Maker to make a cuesheet...burned it and didn't have a problem with stuff not in sync or anything...

I've seen people download games from me and then upload them to Ralos' FTP, so I'm not sure if the Terra Cresta you downloaded is actually the one I put together. Was it a rar file containing the ISO, and mp3 files? If so, it was from me and you shouldn't have a problem...
thanks guys,

i used sega cuemaker(guess i should've included that in the post). The Ralos dl is made up of 5 ace files, ul'd from "slain." The sounds fx are fine, it's the background audio that is a bit out of sync, that's all. I noticed sega cuemaker produces cue sheets always in the same format(the iso followed by audio tracks without index times). I was thinking Cresta could perhaps be a game like Gun Frontiers - a shooter which background tracks apparently need start/end index times. What prog do u use to burn Taelon?

p.s. - do need a certain number of posts before I can post a .gif by my handle?

thanx :bandit
It used to be CDRWin... but now I use Nero to burn iso/wav sets...I decode all mp3 files to wav using WinAmp 2.7 first.

I haven't noticed any audio sync issues with TC3D, or if I did they weren't severe...