Read if you want to stop policeware and protect your digital

If anyone remembers, Policeware is a chip that can be implanted into any digital piece of hardware and prevent you from copying anything as well as allow the government to know what you are doing, and to possible put you in jail and fine you for anything you do that is "illegal".

Anyway, read this for yourself... THIS IS ILLEGAL AND IT MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

Here - this is the Offcial United States Senate Petition:

Here's an information site:

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It's been said that the head of the House subcommittee handling the House version of the CBDTPA is opposed to the bill, so it's probably not going to pass soon. Still, I'm quite frightened by the fact that this bill's predecessor and partner in crime, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, was passed unanimously in the Senate...

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It very well could be if that bill passes, since any "unprotected" hardware would be illegal to distribute in the USA unless it was manufactured/sold before the cutoff date (which depends on exactly how long the media companies and hardware companies bicker over exactly how they want to use their newfound legislative power - isn't this a violation of the Constitution somehow?).
Do something like that and you will only create a black market. Lik sang and lan kwei will have a field day...
and all that will happen with the black market is packages coming through customs will get stopped if their origins are suspect (ie hk or wherever) like the current situation with lik-sang and modchips

if this kind of crap ever did come in, the easy way to make it backfire on them is to get something that makes it look like your doing something illegial (use your imagination)

then the monitoring stations and the like will be flooded with everything these idle pc's are doing being sent to them (youd obvously need alot of people doing it)

the other option is to go back to older hardware or keep what youve currently got (the age of the amiga :) )
ain't it nice to live in canada where our gov doesn't stipulate what hardware can and can't do. haha foolish americans always trying to make a buck at the expense of the ppl.
Quote: from gamefoo21 on 12:09 am on April 8, 2002

haha foolish americans always trying to make a buck at the expense of the ppl.

No no no. Foolish American government. I sure as #### had nothing to do with this.

One more outburst like that and I'll come down soooo hard on socialized medicine...

gamefoo21: too bad most companies that make stuff sold in Canada make one model for all of North America and treat Canada like the 51st state once they've got a French version of their crappy instruction sheet...