Real shitty post


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Ok this'll be short and to the point. Wireless connection laptop+constipated as hell=Gallstaff. I've been here fore a good hour It seems. Anyone know anything I can do to get this bitch out. Shouldn't have eaten all that fried chicken... Argh it feels like it's comming out the side of my collon!! I've tried rocking back and forth, soothing music, humming, NOTHING. Help gah please!
Yeah, so the FTP section really does bring back the helpless idiots. No, wait.. It's just Gallstaff
Thanks for nadius that actually works for some reason... I just went into paint, filled it with bright orange and... yeah I won't get into details but wow. Thanks a CRAPload! :
I remember either reading it somewhere or watching it on the news. It works, but i think it's psychosomatic.
This is his way of making himself feel luved, by sharing his shit stories. I bet this is what u did w/ that one chick huh? I am sure that if u would of told us this then we could of told u to just backoff and not even go for it.
neither, this is how we met. I think one day we just started talkin on AIM. We talk every now and again on it, I think he asked for a pic once just to see what I looked like. I say we start that post your pic topic again......