a legit store?

I bought Sturmwind on their website, paid through payal. Waited 30 days and it never showed up. Never got a shipping notice or anything. So I tried to contact them. Their contact e-mail just returns an auto-reply that says "we no longer accept support over e-mail".

So I used the contact form on the website. That just results in the same bounceback e-mail.

So they have a support ticket form on the website. So I fill out a support ticket, asking if they have any tracking or shipping confirmation on my order#. No response. A week later I update the support ticket to ask for help. No response.

I tried calling the (germany) phone number on the website, not connected. I looked up the business info in paypal and called their paypal contact phone#, and got a full-voicemail error. Another week later I update the support ticket again asking for a response, or I'll have no choice but to file a chargeback.

So basically impossible to contact them at all or get any support. So I filed a paypal claim at the last possible minute. A week goes by and then someone from redspot games finally responds to the paypal claim with a form response "we're sorry, we would like to send you another copy of the item, or if you want a refund".

I looked at their website now, and now Sturmwind is listed as out of stock. So I respond through paypal "how would you send me another when it's out of stock now? I think it's best to just get a refund. And I'd also like to know why you never responded to my support ticket on your website". Another week goes by and no response. So I escalate the claim. Paypal waits a week for redspot games to respond to the escalated claim, and they never do, so finally about about 2 months paypal refunds my money.

Looking into things, it seems redspotgames is "the" entity that publishes and distributes these new games for old systems,. They're a big name party in the DC scene. I'm just so surprised to get such horrible support and complete lack of contact from them.


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It sounds like they're not properly set up as a business. It could be a backyard operation. I would see if you can get a reasonable price for these on Ebay or Amazon.