Release of a homemade game !

Hi folks,

My friend vreuzon released the 0.00.01beta pre-alpha version of "Le Pin", his homemade multiplayer game. If some developpers care to test it and maybe have a look at the source code that would be kewl.

That's all (folks) !

Wow I finally had a chance to play this game with friends and I loved it. Great work. I had no idea what to do, or even which color square I was (it kept changing), but this was amazing. Proof you don't need much to keep me and my friends entertained. I think the obvious thing to do if you ever decide to update this project would be to make it a multiplayer pong game. Still though, great work.
Thanks !

To be honnest, I do like this game in this pre-beta state, too: no real goal, but you can move (and drop bombs, you can try it). Why should you get stressed playing a game ?

I will update it soon, however (I already did some changes the web page's archive doesn't show). I Hope a few changes should suffice long term interest in the game. I have to

- fix post-collision speed computation

- add a ball, add two goals (and maybe a counter)

And it'll be over.

I don't have much time for this game ("le Pin") for now, because i'm working on a 3d n-players fighting game somewhere between "prince of persia" and "androids" (got a "3d human model", and a movement scheme; I will post some infos about it here soon). But i'll try to find a few hours.

So, if you have good ideas about le Pin's further dev, tell me. I'll be happy to add them.
Originally posted by vreuzon@Sep. 26 2002, 4:55 pm

5. contact

the internet site :

For questions, help, patches, etc.

dev board

(my name is vreuzon in the sega extreme message board)

6. thanks

thanks to djidjo, jip, sam, nico, pechi, chap and to the sega extreme

people with stupid names : ramirez60, CyberWarriorX, antime and vbt.

LOL, you might want to fix your readme file. There is an "s" in; won't work without the "s". Xtreme doesn't start with an "e" in SegaXtreme.

Also, IceMan2k will probably ask this later if I don't. Do we have permission to post this in the news page of SX?

BTW, the lepin-20020926-bin.bin file is the same as the IP.BIN file from the file according to their CRC's and file size, does that seem correct?
Go ahead and post it in the news. Daniel Erikson will put it up in the dev section if thats ok.
Oh, thanks for pointing my misspellings in the readme file: it will all look way much extreme (and accurate) without the E. I'll correct it as soon as i can find my ftp password.

All is GPLed (minus the sega libs...) so you can put this where you want, provided the GPL notice and the sources are there too. You might wait one or two weeks, or so, until the game is in a more or less finished state (or complete it yourself). You should at least place emphasis on its devel state.

I HAVE NOT TESTED the .bin (which is the same in the src archive; true) with satourne. Please try it before putting it somewhere.