Resident Evil 2: Special Edition mod teaser for Dreamcast by mrgreenranger


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"After much experimentation, I'm pleased to announce that a modded version of Resident Evil 2 is on the way for the beloved Sega Dreamcast. Relive the horror- this time facing against new adversaries and encountering new obstacles. Leon, Claire, Sherry and Ada will have to work even harder to survive the terrors of Racoon City.

'Resident Evil 2: Special Edition' is coming soon!

* Footage taken from MakaronEX 4.1 emulator- will also work on real Dreamcast hardware.
Credits for what you see in the trailer-
* Straight Jacket Zombie model/skin by DarkSpyda04 (modified by me)
* Female Zombie from Resident Evil 1.5 (modified by me)
* New Spider textures by Enrico Marini
* Fat Cop Zombie provided by Project Safehouse (modified by me)
* Ark Thompson provided by Rusty (EX Battle Character model version by me)
* Leon model/skin provided by Komizo (modified by me)
* Elza skin by Andrew Coyte (modified by me)
* Man in White Shirt (Survivor) model/skin by Rusty"