ROMS on real genesis hardware

I have review all of the old posts, but I haven't found a clear answer to the question:

Has anyone set up a reliable method of getting roms from your computer and playing them on a real Genesis?

That is, via a copy cart, cable, flash card, etc.

Sure, I have seen all of those back-up machines for the SNES (and supposedly equivelents for the genesis), but I have not read of any sega users claiming that they have found a way to get games from the net to actual hardware.

Is it possible? Who here has done it? Who has a theory of how it could be done?
If anyone had an answer don't you think they would have replied to your other thread?

Constantly repeating the question probably won't get you a better answer.
yeah i think you can, cuz before, i saw one of those rom copy machines at an asian mall, and it comes with an snes adapter and a genesis adapter, not to shure what brand it is
Good point Mal. My mistake. I just thought I had posted the question in the wrong section. I thought no one had responded because it was in the wrong section and had not been notice.