Quote: from Mo Threat on 1:20 pm on Nov. 9, 2001

Enemy Zero isn't an FMV game. It more like Resident Evil or Deep Fear. The chick who was the voice in E_Z is the singer from Lucious Jackson.

I own that game (purchased for $5 new) and it is more of an FMV game than anything... it has some first person stuff where you have to shoot invisible monsters with a gun you have to charge. If you don't hit the invisible monster before it gets to you, you're dead, that's it. I don't care what anyone says though... that game's mood is far freakier than any other "survival horror" crap I've ever played.

As far as the singer from Luscious Jackson - she only has a few lines, mostly on the load screens, where she reads back what happened up to the point you saved. Laura during the game is completely mute...
i own that game as well

i got sick of it after an hour being totally unable to find anything or any way out of the #### corridoors of the ship,

i got it for £7 though, so that wasnt too bad
As far as I know, Laura never speaks in D or Enemy Zero, but on near the end of D2 for Dreamcast she finnaly does. When I finnaly heard here speak I practicly went into shock, I thought I would never here her speak, its too bad, the voice actor suits her quite well.
Quote: from Fabrizo on 1:44 am on Nov. 9, 2001

Yea, it has the same main character as the D games as well. Cant remember her last name, but her first was laura (note: last name not croft)
Her full name is Laura Parton, page 18 of the manual for D2 for DC. :biggrin: or you can search for Parton in any of the 3 FAQ/Walkthroughs found at GameFAQs.
Yeah, E_Z does pretty much blow. I got it with my first Saturn and traded it within two weeks. I still wouldn't call it a FMV game. :)