I'm pretty sure you need a special S-video port...but I could be wrong I don't know much about video.
Herrgafgarion - which console are you referring to?

Saturn, PSX, PS2, eNSixFo, and DC have multi-ports - e.g. get the Svideo cable and you're cool. 3DO has an Svideo port. Others... well, it depends.

Fill us in, and I'm sure someone can tell you all you need to know.
Look in the TV instruction manual, if it doesnt say s-video then it doesnt have it.

S-video connector kinda looks like the saturn cable that you hook up to your tv but the end where you hook the cable into the saturn.
s-video can come in 2 forms.. either a small round 4 pin plug as ice described, or it could be available on the scart connector, if it's a european TV. if it's an american one, it'll be the small round one.
if your tv doesn't have either of these and your really stuck (like me ... in aussie land the tvs are different from scotland) the 32x came with a converter. You may be able to get one off ebay.
To check if your TV has s-video inputs, look where your input things are. If you see green plus some other colors I do believe thats s-video. If it has the red/white/yellow, thats just standard RCA inputs.