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Black Ceasar

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Just sending a big what's up to all. The name is Black Ceasar. I Still play my sega cd, even though I have other systems. Games I own for the Sega CD is:

Sonic CD

Tomcat Alley

Cobra Command (Laser Disc ver.)

Eternal Champions CD

Prize Fighter

Dracula Unleashed

Space Ace

Mad Dog Mcree



Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

Road Avenger

Time Gal

I have more games, just can't find them in the attic. Maybe the wife threw them away! If I could be of any assistance to anyone, let me know. Love the board, very well controlled and modrated. I tip my hat to you all!


Yo Black. Welcome aboard man! :) It's good to get new members along isn't it Ice? or Arakon, or Skank, or.... whoever else is running SX. By the way, you gotta Saturn?

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Black Ceasar

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Thank you for the warm reception, Cloud121, Captain Crazy, Iceman2k and NuttyElectrode. To answer Cloud121 qustion:

Yes I had a Saturn but it broke. Trying to get another from a 2nd hand store, no avail. Will work up the nerves for Ebay some day. I think the games are still at my mother's house, will check the next time I visit.

Also I am here to stay, like I said before, love the board, very well controlled and modrated. I tip my hat to you all.