I know i have posted about this before, although i was wondering, those of you who have this cool peripheral probably realize that it is not 100% perfect, when it comes down to controlling the beast.

What are tips of yours to help accuracy,

how far away from the sensors should i stand?

i notice it has trouble with sudden movements, and when you have to go low, it has trouble with that too..

i got the cha cha amigo maracas.. (third party)

ps, what are your impressions on the game, anyone get those tracks off the net?

I have those SMS controllers. I find their accuracy to be rather, er.. flaky. Often times I'll be playing and it'll have to recognize the controllers again. Which if you're doing well leads to mucho frustracion. Here are some things I do:

1) Adjust the height to one level higher. While I fit in the "over 5 feet" category, I find I have to pretty much squat to get the controllers to know I'm at the low position. I do the "over 5'7" " one, and it's much better.

2) When you're have to do the low position, keep your arms as far apart as possible. It will tend to read both maracas on the same side if you don't.

3) I find the closer you are to the sensors, the better. No more than a foot away from the base. Any further and it just doesn't seem to read the position well.

Hmmm.. what else? Well, try to keep the sensors on the maracas facing forward (round pick-up should be pointing to the base). That's super hard when you're playing since the cords want to go everywhere. Can't think of anything else. Some days are better than others with the controllers. Last time I played I was nearly ready to give them away. Oh well, a lot of this is just experimentation. I'm wondering if in my case I'm getting some sort of interference.

Oh yeah.. I totally recommend downloading the save file that unlocks all the songs. Shaking your maracas to "Open Your Heart" or "Dreams Dreams" is lots of fun. The only annoying this is you lose all your high scores. Well, I lost them since I overwrote my own save state.

The only thing I have left to add is to consider importing Samba de Amigo Ver. 2000. I'm looking forward to the "hustle mode". :
And I shall indeed provide y2kzorak with that very import of Ver. 2000 .... EVENTUALLY!!!

The good news, though, is that I'm over the worst with reinstalling my Windows98SE setup from scratch using the fabulous 98lite from *plug, plug* ... I love having a small registry, the latest versions of EVERY driver and a superfast Mozilla browser.

But I digress.


concerning the ems controller,

I found out it is damaged when you disconnect it with dreamcast powered on;

worse, next time you use it , it will blow up your controller port ; (

I also found out that as soon as the basis loses its touch with ground (when you do large movements), you need either recalibration or reboot !

to avoid this I put a dictionnary on it (don't laugh..)
Wouldn't it be neat if there was a dance mat for Samba De Amigo with six pads arranged in a hexagonal pattern? ;-)

Could make the hustle mode difficult, though, lest one starts doing the moonwalk on that mat ;-)
From what I heard, the exact opposite is allegedly the case... 3rd-party controllers better than Sega's, and for less money (30 bucks brandnew)... Maybe too good to be true... Oh, I don't know.
I just want some bloody Saturn twinsticks without paying $60 for shipping SIGH.
Where did you get the info about controller ports blowing? What percautions should I take (I just ordered another pair and a new maraca" since one wont read the sensor properly anymore)

I have the EMS cha cha maracas btw
Huh. My friend blew out his controller ports by taking out the cha cha maracas when the dc was ON. It's just common sense, you know not to take out any type of controller or controller thingy (vmu, jump pack) when the dc is ON, right? Of course if you dont want to fuck up the dc, dont plug the controllers in and out vigorously.
Yeah, I have always been able to plug-in & remove controllers under power with no problems, but I think I buggered up a set of maracas by doing this. I know the port works, because I've played a few games oh NHL2K2 with a few friends and we used all the ports.
yeah I always did that with all of my game systems. Does it only matter when there is an extra device on the controller ?(LED's on PS2 dual shock, VMU for dc etc)

Is it just the maracas Snume, or does the base and sensors have issues now too?

Does it matter if you unplug the maracas from the base?
Hey were wondering about the official maracas, I'm the guy to ask... I got 2 pairs of these puppies

I found them to be quite good and reliable, few slip ups on the controllers part once you get used to them, but I know how frusterating just one slip up can be. The main time problems do arise is during that damn hustle...but its more of a flaw in game design then controller design, why the **** did they put it in there?lol.Volleyball is dangerous with these puppies tho, I got hit by a maraca as my opponent attempted to smash the ball, hurt quite a bit ???

The more you use 'em the more tricks you learn too, I started out more shaky but once you learn the limits of the controller they remain constant. You just have to get the hang of them, really... although one of my friends picked it up on his first try and got 92%,no controller slip ups, pretty impressive. The 'pick one size above your actual height' is also a good tip too. Unfortunately, my dreamcast is out of commision at the moment, so my maracas are sitting idly in their nice boxes in a closet
, I hope to play again soon. Great party devices, but people look at you funny when they first see them, lol.

And as for the dc was entirely my fault. The controllers never had any troubles, other than maybe a tangle or two.Might be because they are official Sega goodness. I unplugged them whenever, however, by accident or not... nothing happened to me. Wouldn't suggest doing it all the time though, just in case. If you got any more questions just ask...and no you can't have my maracas

and if anyone wants to know, I got them cause I was checking them out on ebay for quite some time, found a great deal and went for it. Since then I've had a blast with them and I can sell them for AT LEAST double what I paid for them... go me

How much did you pay for them?

I find the EMS Maracas to be reliable, although sometimes it likes to re-calibrate the maracas resulting in restartion of the game. Any idea why it does this? I am guessing it stops to reconfigure when it loses its infared connection with the maraca sensor. Any truth to that? thanks
Is there a place on the net, or a person I can grab the samba and samba 2k2 downloaded songs from?

How wouyld I go about getting these on my VMU anyone know?
Here's what I know:

yeah I always did that with all of my game systems. Does it only matter when there is an extra device on the controller ?(LED's on PS2 dual shock, VMU for dc etc)

Hmm...I really don't know. The few times that my controllers (Sega brand) have accidentally unplugged from the dc, they haven't affected the controller ports, and they have had VMUs, 4x mem. cards, rumbles, etc. in them.

Is it just the maracas Snume, or does the base and sensors have issues now too?

Can't say. My friend's dc doesn't work with controllers now either.

Does it matter if you unplug the maracas from the base?

Again, I don't have a clue.

As for finding the samba music tracks, I've been looking too, to no avail. ???