satellite 4-in 1


Ban Hammered
im a little confused about this product on liksang, it says that it only plays imports, but on the website faqs it says That it can do all of the things an AR 4in1 can do, has anybody ever bought this product form liksang?....

I bought the product anyway, and i have waited 10 days for the product to ship and it hasnt arrived yet. do u no how long it takes for stuff from liksang to finally arrive on ur doorstep?

also, i would like it if somebody can give me a link to a place that sells 21pin saturn mod chips THAT R in stock.

First off, Lik-Sang is in HK so stuff WILL take a long time to get anywhere.

Second, if you'd said something sooner, I think everyone here would've pointed you to much better sites which don't overcharge for shipping, and would've also pointed out that non-Action Replay cartridges tend to be pretty unreliable, and don't usually work properly.

Personally, I would've pointed you to Jandaman's for a $30 Action Replay 4M+.
you might want to ask around in the BST Forum as well.

I sold one on there not too long ago -- others might be doing the same