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For those who want a Win32 application to replace the old Satconv...

Download SatHeader

Cecilia Chen

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It dosn't even matter if they even made the Satconv program in the first place. Its such a simple app, anyone could write it.


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It's a nice program and all, but it's too damn big for such a simple patching program.

Cecilia is right, you can even change the country code by editing 2 places in the header of an ISO image using a hex editor, given that you know the region codes:

Originally posted by TyRaNiD@Jan 11 2002,18:31

struct areacode areacodes[8] = {

{'J',"For JAPAN. "},

{'T',"For TAIWAN and PHILIPINES. "},

{'U',"For USA and CANADA. "},

{'B',"For BRAZIL. "},

{'K',"For ASIA PAL area. "},

{'A',"For KOREA. "},

{'E',"For EUROPE. "},



MODE1/2048 from ISO image

MODE1/2352 from CD