saturn AR flashing

I got a dead action replay here (not 4-in-1). is there any way to reflash it without commslink? there are two 29EE010 on it, I assume one is saveram, the other bios.. which one is which, does anyone know? also, where do I find a usable 128 kb bios file? the ones in the commslink package are odd sizes (~79 kb).


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You could try putting the flasher program and the BIOS on a CD. They might require some massaging (relocating, add some indicator for when it's done etc.) but that shouldn't be too hard.

As for the size of the BIOS file, maybe Datel's program automatically pads it to correct size? The EMS 4-in-1's BIOS image is mostly empty anyway, so reducing the amount of data to transfer is an optimization worth doing.


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That won't work; the flasher program is a tiny thing that pipes the image in via commslink. As for the odd size, the actual firmware occupies 64KB, the rest is the stock code list, and the rest of the flash is used for additional codes and copied saves. I've looked into disc-hosted flashing a bit but need to leave for work about 2 minutes ago, so bug me about it on IRC or PM or whatever and I'll see if I can get something going later tonight.

edit: didn't see your hypothesis on the flash, actually the cart bus is 16-bit and the Saturn accesses it as one big chunk of flash similar to the way 8-bit EPROMs are wired on Genesis.