Saturn bloodily murdered


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Hello there, PLEASE can someone help me.. I bought myself a mod chip (21 pin) for my model 2 Saturn, it all looked to be right and should've gone OK. Not being too clever on the old soldering front, I left that to my more technical (ho ho ho) flatmate, who somehow proceeded to kill my Saturn whilst I was out of the room. He has soldered pins 7 through to about 20 together on the 64 pin chip, which obviously isn't good. Not only does the mod not work, I can't even get my Saturn back to working as normal. Either way the same thing happens, slight buzzing from the speakers and into the CD player with 2 massive red blobs on either side. So, is my Saturn dead, and my flatmate about to join it?

Any help greatly appreciated..
first of all, DON'T turn it on as long as the pins are connected, that's gonna fry even more.

second, get desoldering braid, a chicken, a black cat, and a large knife, and try to remove the solder carefully.
Desoldering braid, you've lost me but I'll get down to the shops. If only I'd paid more attention in CDT and not spent all lesson rubbing people's hands on the buffer.. Oh and my cat's a fluffy Burman, will I have to shave him before I start?
yep, get either desoldering braid or my personal favourite - a soldersucker and a cheap iron, preferably 25 watts or above. See if the shop will give you the iron with a small fine bit. take it a pin at a time and try to use the iron just long enough to melt the solder, no longer or you'll melt something important or damage the chip, or both. Perhaps taking a little time between pins to make sure something cool. When you have done that, try to make the solder joints look like they should, or find someone who knows what they are doing. Then find soething fairly destructive like a brick, kitten, nintendo and use it on your flatmate :)
Maybe I'll shove the shaved cat hairs down his throat.. I'll get on to the desoldering tomorrow. By the way, I like to think of soldermonkey as a little entity like the tooth fairy that pops out in secret and fixes solder disasters like this when they happen. Is that what you are, soldermonkey? Please say yes, a man's happiness is at stake.
Sodering the whole row of pins like that and turning the unit ON after you did so probably basterdized that saturn already. Your lucky if you can get it working.
It wasn't me who turned it on but you're right about it being knackered. He misaligned all the pins whilst he was at it too. I've just got to hope that the mod isn't screwed up as well (I got a new Saturn for £4. £4!! Lets hope it's functional).
Dude I know how you fell my mate just did the same but Im still waiting on him to get a bloody desolderer to fix it. New xbox is keeping me happy till then but he stil better hurry.
The guy on eBay listed it as 'Sega Saturn game mk-80020a', so I guess no-one thought it was a system, I was the only bidder. I'll be well chuffed if it works OK! I think I'll take it to an expert for the modding this time..