Saturn cd-rom adjustments?

Which dials should I fiddle with?

  • The orange (variable resistor?) right below the laser

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  • The white one

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  • The gray one (coil)

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  • All of them

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  • You did WHAT now? ಥ_ಥ

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oy! I hadn't used my Saturn for about a year, and just when I was ready to play Shinobi I found it booting straight to music menu. I opened it up and found 3 dials around the drive which I randomly adjusted, :on2long: hoping to see some improvement :eyemouth: (you know the yellow one, white one, and the grey one).

I hadn't used it for so long I forgot about the dodgy drive cable-pins. Indeed they turned out to be the culprit, after re-inserting a few times the disk now spinned and the laser started focusing, but thanks to all the drunken adjustments i had made :owned: it loaded straight to the music menu

Please help me, if just with some links. The only one I found relating to it is this:

Does anyone have experience with this?

Even if just to put everything back to default setting, how would I do this? Say I use my multimeter (which is actually also broken :() where would I measure the voltage reading?

I don't want to get a 2nd Saturn when I can just fix this one (especially since it's Model 2 and I have a modchip inside). Though I'm not going to cry. I mean they're $30. In fact I gave my old Model 1 away for free. Kinda regret it now, but I didn't know the Model 2 modchip in a Model 1 was possible (heard its really hard though).

btw is there a more appropriate place (other forums) to ask this question? i actually copied this post from the racketboy forum, where i wrote it about a week ago. for some reason sega extreme is not easy to find through google.. racketboy forum is a hipster snoozefest and i got banned for not being boring enough