saturn freezing locking up on boot

hi guys

i have searched the forums and havent found anything similar, my saturn has this fault where when i boot a game it will loop/freeze/lock up on the opening animation and i have to keep powering on/off till it eventually boots

has anyone any idea how to solve this? i have tried the lasr calibration but that doesnt seem to have much effect

any help/ideas would be superb


Time for a new saturn
hi guys

ok have got it all sorted now

right i had a modchip that i was going to install but because the orignal games werent booting i was in two minds about installling it as if there were problems i wouldnt know if it was the saturn or the chip however, after 4 hours of testing tinkering etc i have the chip installed and it plays all games CDRs/orginals perfectly

although it wont boot my CDRW an imation disk? anyone know of any brand that it does?

so im on the look out for the best/good multiplayer games
There is a CDRW mod that you can perform, but I wouldn't recommend it as it is hard to fix if you get it wrong and it may also reduce the working life of your Saturn.

Anyway, CDRs are cheap.
hi mal

i actually tried this as used to have to do it with the PSX and it actually helped with the games booting up but not with CDRW's? anyway like you say CDR's are cheap enough but some d/ls ive had have been "iffy"

thanks for all the help though guys