Saturn in the Media


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Was setting down watching The Black Mask on TV today and noticed a scene where "The Black Mask" handed a girl a Sega Saturn controller. Later you could see Virtua Fighter and Darius Gaiden being played. I thought that was pretty neat that it made its way into a popular movie. Where else has the Saturn been "featured" (excluding Sega and other game distributer ads). Just curious if it made any other interesting appearances in movies, print, advertisements that you may have noticed :D.


The Early episodes of The Drew Carey show has a saturn sitting on his TV. New eps have PS1 or PS2 i think.

Edit, Hmmmm... hehe, maybe i should have looked at the avoided repeats think! :D


In Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine he makes references to violent videogames in Japan - Footage shows Virtua Fighter (Sarah's level), and Mortal Kombat. :p


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I was watching a verrrrrry cheasy Asian horror movie called 'Bio Zombie' today, and behold, there was a white Saturn sitting on the counter of a VCD store!