Saturn Mod boards? Broken?

Okay i had a few saturn mod chip and i decided to install one in my friends saturn. I have successfully installed a mod chip in my saturn (but its back home - i'm in college) , anyhow i've installed the mod board in his saturn but when i turn on the saturn it goes to the saturn memory screen (he doesn't have a battery in there), then when i hit the English, then set the date, it then goes to the saturn cd player and says checking disc, then plays the cdr as a music cd. Anyone have any idea if its necessary to have a battery in the saturn for the mod board to work? I've also tried mal's version of bridging the two points togheter instead of going to the 3rd point on the 32 pin chip however the same results have occured. Anyone have any idea what is wrong? Thanks
Sure, now that I'm all curious about how you did it, you won't tell us.