Saturn modchip

I have recently purchased a 21 pin discswap modchip or whatever its called, at this point i would like to mention that I also have a multiregion modchip which also has a 50/60hz switch.

The problem which I have is that once the new mod chip has been installed i refuses to work, basically the disc wont spin and the laser wont move.

After tinkering for a while I found out that without the modchip installed the saturn would work and when the power is applied to the chip (+5v) the saturn refuses to boot CDs. and the sound kinda goes.

Can anyone help with this problem please it would be much appreciated. Cos i am completly baffeled as to how to get it to work.
did you install the modchip in the right way ?

I had to install it backward in the motherboard in a very recent saturn
Any chance of seeing some pics of your stuff?

I'd like to help, but I'm not familiar with the multi-region modchip.

I'd have thought that would have booted CDRs as well...
I am affraid that I have no pics and no way to get any

However I can tell you that the region switch is in the back of the saturn where the ram cart goes and the 50/60hz switch is positioned around the back of the saturn.

The region switch has numbers 1-9 and letters A-F




Other than that there is nothin more I can tell you

So is it an actual mod board or just region and 50/60Hz switches?

I only ask because I think Cecelia Chen has mentioned modboards that do region changes and I'm not sure how one would interact with a 'CDR' mod.

Basically, do any of the existing mods sit (electronically speaking) in between the CD board and the main board?
I think that I can safely say that the region mod and switch are not on a modboard but they are however wired to the mainboard.

The only thing that I can think of is that it could be a power problem.

Other than that I can say much more
OK. We've established that the country mods and 50/60Hz are pretty 'normal'.

They shouldn't interfere with the mod board at all.

Does the CD board have a square 64 pin IC or a rectangular 32 pin IC?

Where did you get the mod from?

Which set of instructions did you follow to install the mod?
i got a 64 pin chip

the link to the website where I bought the chip from is

Saturn Planet

The installation instructions are the basic instructions on the site.

(goto the accessories section and then onto 21 pin chip)
There's a couple of things I can tell you.

[*]Saturns with the 64 pin IC on the CD board don't seem to work with most mods. In my experience, mods from Gamegizmo work. There have been some reports that others have worked, but it's a bit hit and miss.

[*]When installing the modboard in your Saturn, it is important to make sure that the component side of the modboard is facing away from the CD board. A twist must also remain in the ribbon cable.

Not much more I can think of right now...

I might be able to help people more if someone were to sell me a 64 pin Saturn.