Saturn on Steroids

I tried a few new effects in this video that I had never done before. The first thing you'l probly notice Is that the video is VERY fast paced compared to my other ones. In fact, even though the video is only about two minutes long, I used up the majority of footage from all three games I used in it (I had to make alot of the clips run at 2-5 times their normal speeds to keep up with the music).

The video in the end felt a little sloppy to me, but I made sure to fix some of the things that people had been saying needed fixing in my previous videos, such as the ending of this one is not abrupt like the Mr. Bones's one, and the music is in sterio (not mono), at 44khz. I obviously also used the same kind of comression I have sense people told me that indeo format files were too large (except this time I used I higher bit rate to componsate for the speed).

But pushing all that aside, the most important thing is: Did you enjoy watching it?
sweet video, sad to here it's the last for a while
You have out done yourself again man! This is one of the greatest music video's i've seen in a long time!

Great music, good use of FMV, it go's well with the BGM!

10/10 from me on that one!