Saturn Problem, PLEASE help


Ban Hammered
ok, i just got a 21 pin saturn, opened up counted pins etc. then sealed er up, but now, whenever i try to boot a game the laser will read, go to outside to read security stuff, then when it goes back to start game system dumps me to teh cd player menu. Drive sits adn reads for a minute then finally says This disc is not suitable for this system. WTF!?! can anyone help direct me as to what may be wrong?
What is the country code of the game...even with a modchip you need to change the country code (depends) when you rip the game...
im trying to boot a USA ORIGINAL in my USA system =(, it just wont do it, anyone have a clue?
check the connections, and that the chip and ribbon cable are did solder them right? Mine did that for a bit when I first installed went to the CD screen and those 2 green balls on the sides were acting like there was audio, when nothing was even going on...just uninstall it and reinstall.
Make sure that all the pins from the ribbon cable are put firmly back into the proper sockets. Also make sure you didn't damage the cable
the modchip i have refuses to work when you power on the saturn with the lid open, then close it

put the cd in, close the lid, then power on

if it doesnt work, you might have to alter the jumper setting detailed on the modchip install instructions of most of the sites selling the chip, or you may have a defective chip
Have you actually put a mod in? Your first post is unclear.

If you have, I'd remove the mod and see if you can get your Saturn to boot an original game first.

If you haven't, follow gofamon's advice. Check that anything you unplugged is back where it came from, and that you haven't broken anything.