Saturne is around the corner!


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Don't get me wrong. I hope this emulator runs really well, but I just don't think it will run at 60fps right away. ???
I read once at a forum (maybe saturne's one, cannot remember well) that it does run games @60fps, and had for example Daytona USA... but there is the possibillity that I translated it all wrong ('cause it was in french)... giri giri definetelly runs some games @60fps... sorry if I made a mistake ???

I just wonder where is the new beta that the site says... this will answer all our questions

Think this possibility: Gens author releasing the SH2 core (he said he will), and saturne or giri giri or XXXX emu author takes it... there will be a HUGE progress in saturn emulation! and maybe we will have a good one soon!

And the best of all will be that Pete Bernet decides to write a saturn gpu plugin, but I doubt he will.... ???
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Just saw again all the info... saturne runs many games BUT at around 20fps on a 2Ghz P4, without speed-ups. the new beta maybe be better.

giri giri (the author got jealous with saturnes progress
) posted the panzer pics @60fps... sorry for my mistake

and again, I am lame.
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Originally posted by RitualOfTheTrout@July 19 2002, 3:13 am

2Ghz P4!!... looks like me and my good ol p2 350 wont be playing any saturn emus for a very very looonnngg time..

Come on.

Did you really expect it would run well on anything but a cutting edge PC?
It'll take a good load of optimizations until the minimun specs get into an acceptable range, maybe N64 emu level.

I'm really looking foward Satourne and GiriGiri since screenshots shows that both hacked into the Saturn's infamous mesh transparencies, using 50% alpha transparencies instead. Also, seems they fix the half-transparency as well (sprite-to-sprite 50% transparency, but that never shows the BG behind it), as seen in Panzer Dragoon.

Some games will benefit a lot from this.

Err... lemme remember you guys one thing: the 60fps emulation doesn not means that a game that previously ran at, say, 15 fps, like Burning Rangers, will run at super-smooth-sexy 60fps on the emulator. The game will display at 15fps, because the Saturn (assuming a NTSC saturn) takes 4 frames to draw one BR frame, same for all other games. Just check PSX/N64 emulators, where most games actually don't run at 60fps, bout you need 60 fps for matching the original speed.

The only games that will get to true 60fps are the ones that originally run at 60fps (all pure 2D games, and a few polygon games, like Radiant Silvergun, Thunder Force V, Virtua Fighter 2, Dead or Alive...).
I rather doubt saturn emu's in general will ever be able to run decently on a system that isn't over 1 Ghz. You have to keep in mind that Satourne still isn't really close to emulating all the hardware of the system. The fact of the matter is, the more emulated hardware you add, the higher specs you'll need to run it decently. The only kind of optimizations I can think of that would drastically bring down the system requirements would be to use HLE.

And btw, who said saturns are hard to get? I've easily acquired -3- of them in about a year without much effort.

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I got two from a pawn shop for $10 each. No video cables but those are only $6 from xinga.

Saturn emulation has a long, long, long, way to go. Satourne needs to stop focusing so much on developing a billion and one video blitters that require 90% of your CPU without doing anything remotely special and start working on the emulation core instead.

Dynamic Recompilation is probably the best route I'd think in emulating the Saturn. I son't thnik anyone has even considered going there yet though. They're using the same old emulation method as always.


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With processors getting faster by the year there's not much incentive to optimize code or try something different.
you'll propably need an athlon XP 1800+ or p4@2Ghz for a saturn emu which is well written... take gens for example, a 1Ghz cpu for 32x...
I still think that lotsa optimizations can still be done and make the emus much faster without even getting into HLE.

Just because the emu can actually emulate something doesn't means it code is running the fastest it can.

All emulators began like this. They are always too slow on the beginning, because the authors focuses on executing all instructions properly and accurately, and only later will think on how to make then run faster.

Also, we don't have any "emulation wizard" working on a Saturn emulator.

Look at Gens, as example. It's 32X emulation, in the first build, is equal, if not better, than all other 32X emus previously released. The specs for it will go down very fast, I think (but, of course, will be pretty higher than SCD specs).
Originally posted by keropi@July 19 2002, 2:22 am

you'll propably need an athlon XP 1800+ or p4@2Ghz for a saturn emu which is well written... take gens for example, a 1Ghz cpu for 32x...

actually, thats not true, Steve Snake has 32x games(on Gens) running at 60fps on a P3 550mhz...
Originally posted by Arakon@July 19 2002, 1:43 pm

funny, and why would steve run 60 fps games on stef's emu?

steve snake made kgen, not gens.

well he was testing it on his machine, and i know Steve Snake makes kega(Kgen lol) sheesh...