That's great news.

I was starting to think we'd never see it released. It looks pretty good for a beta too.
Has anyone had success running anything? I tried all bios (Jap, Usa, Pal) but nothing runs.

Neither in Iso or Cd mode.

And the thing is in French....
please if someone can test it and list things like what game it can and can't play what problem some game mey have things like that it would be nice to know:
honestly i hope this thing never works, cause as soon as it does there will be 52417252 people on here posting mesages like " WHERE CAN I GET TEH SATURN ROMS KEKEKEKEKEKEK"
well im settin it up, hopefully the thing will work. wonder how fast of a cpu you need to maintain a solid 60fps. or at the very least, 30
well got it runnin but it only go's about 7fps. shitty

well to those that want to know go into the cd tab on top an then select the iso/bin for the game. then jus hit run
1.4gig amd 3/4gig ram

decently fast, should probably upgrade when the opterons come out. still those screenshots said 60fps on em. i did find a way to get 50fps, drop the sh2 clock to 7mhz
It's an alright release. But with the way it was being hyped and all, you'd think that it had like 90% compatibility and running most games at 60 FPS. In fact, as far as emulation goes, SSF is still far superior in most aspects.

But the fact that it does have some pretty nice debug options does make life easier for those who wish to start doing any sh2 asm hacking. For instance, just for the heck of it I took on Langrisser 3 today. Managed to hack in ascii text and a 4BPP font for the menus. Of course with it's horrible speed, it took most of the day to finish the hack.

As far as compatibility goes, the 3 or 4 games i've tried all seem to die whenever a cinepak movie is supposed to be playing. What does that mean? I have no idea.

What I really hope happens next is a good source code release. Then you'll start seeing the emulator improving. I know i'll definitely try to contribute then.

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What a waste of time; If you want to play Saturn games stick with the console. It probably would have been better just working on the Titan STV specs instead of the Saturn system. It would have probably brewed a lot more of a solid emulator than this beta. Even though the Titan motherboard and the guts of the Saturn are basically the same, the code written for the CD-ROM, bios, BRAM, and all that crap can be a pain in the arse! has translated versions...

btw, the author said that he will add a dynamic recompilation core to the emu, which will make it A LOT faster, propablly at the same level as PSX emulators!
biggrin.gif has translated versions...

Speaking of which, if anyone's interested, I spent around an hour or so re-translating the pos that is the engrish version. If more than 5 people are interested, I could probably upload it somewhere.

btw, the author said that he will add a dynamic recompilation core to the emu, which will make it A LOT faster, propablly at the same level as PSX emulators!

That's right, keep dreaming.
He really should consider fixing the UI bugs, etc. that constantly plague his emu first. Or heck, give me the source and -i'll- fix them.

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I'd be interested in seeing a better English translation. My highschool french isn't what it used to be...

If you're serious about helping him squash bugs, get in contact. The worst he can do is say no.
I was in touch with him ages ago and his english is OK but not great.

Certainly good enough to get by with.