Sega cd covers

Actually, they used oversize cd cases with the cd in the back and the manual in the front portion doubling as the cover.

There were a few "cd size" but not really too many as they were packaged in a box that was still the size of the over-size case.
Yeah i hate those oversize cases... like a crappy dvd case sorta. NOw the 3do, that was a cheap-ass case if i ever did see one.
Originally posted by soldermonkey@May 25 2002,11:41

i tghought they used standard double Cd cases, with the CD in the front and the manual in the back

the european mega cd games are normally double cd jewel cases

only exception i know of is sewer shark, which uses the horrible oversized us case

the US sega cd games came in the dvd-size boxes, which may have also been used for saturn over there (we got the crappy cardboard ones for most of the games in europe)

so if theres a euro version of the game i suggest you look for the cover for that version, since it wont need resizing most of the time