Sega cd mod


If I mod my euro md1 to 50/60 will I have to change anything on my megacd?

and will I be able to use it with a 32x cable (av> (using 32x bridge)> 32x rf converter box> tv)??

oh and while i'm at it has anyone got a pic of where Im spose to cut... I'm not an electronics genius... I just failed a (uni exam tday) and don't understand the diagrams... something like the pic for the model 2 in faq would be nice.

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u shouldnt have to change anything on the megacd, but if its a euro megacd, u still wont be able to play import games on it...

the only way u can do that, is rip, convert (satconv) to euro, reburn... you can switch to 60hz in the middle of a game, and it actually works! (tho it screws the colours tho... have only tried it with cart games, not converted CDs... does it harm it? dun think so...)

u cant boot up ur megacd when its active (coz they're different regions), but once ur in, should be ok
thought of that option, but seeing commanda lives in aus, the chip would cost $120+

unless he's planning on using more than 120 games, the burning option is much cheaper :)
scdconv doesn't work with all games, tho, especially not japanese games.

and where'd you get 120$ from? the multibios would cost 75 AUD incl. shipping to australia.

as for the switching part. you have to cut the trace between the two spots of JP3, then just link both sides with a switch. make sure you don't slip and cut other traces, tho.. I found it to be easier to use a carpet knife or similar and "drill" into the trace, by turning the pointy tip on the trace till you are through it.. no risk of slipping that way. just make sure you don't go too deep.
Shaneus: the problem is that there are still a number of games that scdconv cannot convert. Also, I think that AU$120 is a bit of a high estimate. Maybe it would cost that much if it was being shipped as an EMS package, but Deutsche Post seems to have reasonable prices on global delivery of thick envelopes (which the MultiBIOS could probably fit in); I would guess that it would be closer to AU$80...
apologies, i remember thinking $60, it musta been i was thinking that was the US price, and it would cost $120

i got the $60 confused when i doubled the $30 (USD->AUD);)
Thanx guys. I think... under my present student funding...grr... that the scdconv method is the best and I have a 32x svideo out so I'll see what I can do with that...

I still dont't really understand the mod process but Im in the middle of final uni exams and dont want to take the time to open up my gen... just getting everything together for it.

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