Sega CD Model 1 won't work...

Sega CD Model 1 won't work...


I recently got one Sega CD Model 1 (yes, the beatiful loading tray one, not the ugly Model 2 hehehe) from a friend.

I bough it "AS IS" because he didn't had any wires to check it out. I recieved it and tried to play, but nothing. Then I carefully opened it and took a look inside, only a little bit of dirt, took it away, washed the case and put all togheter, but nothing happened.

There seems to be nothing burned, at least for I could see, and the tray and the laser could be moved (Not too much of course).

Since I had a Model 2 a long time ago (I have now a CDX hehehe) and Model 1 do not have ANYTHING to show that it is powered up, what do you suggest?

Could it be a fuse? Where it is? I couldn't find anything wrong electrically, not electronically I cannot know, SOOOO what do you suggest:

a ) Try to fix it by myself (Will need your help of course ;) )

b ) Take it to an Engineer (IF I can find one that can fix it, that is)

c ) Find another one.

:huh :huh :huh