sega cd  best cdr

which cdr do you guys think are best to use on the sega cd so you can play your backups and keep you system from burning out to quickly

do you guys generaly think the darker bottoms are better

colored bottoms

silver botoms

gold botoms

diamond botoms


if you rather list buy chemical and reflector type go ahed - please list the brand with it to as an example for those who dont know what that is

personaly i like to use the kodak gold ones that say they will last for 100+ years (but they are hard to find here)

i dont like to use the blue or green botomed ones

i found that it seems that the sega cd is one of the few placees that will read a diamond brand cdr pretty well (ones that look just like regular cd botoms (i mean just like with out the goldish tinge like many have)

what would you guys say (please dont say the GOLD ones that are like 5$ a cd - ones used for profesional audio samples i forgot the names)

also i forgot the chemical names right now (brain fart)
the best one around here is the Jtec with black bottom

Dr.Hank 16x green bottom is very good too (just a bit green)

the Dr.Hank silver (with no speed mark) don´t work
Black = as far as i know BEST scratch protection ,,,,

Diamond = best quality .... all companyes that making software use them
i don't think it mkaes much difference

everything seems pretty much the smae except the ultra lowgrade cdrs

if i were really anal i'd use gold cdrs to make archive copies of the rars and use whatever bestbuy has in a 10$ or less 50 spindle for playing
ive noticed that with some brands the sega cd makes crunching noises (and its a brand new sega cd i got it last month brand new - early model one) and other disks load faster and with out any crunching noises

the gold disks seem to work best in everything i put it in (execpt car stereo) and the cheapo ones woork great too

the more expensive ones ive gotten like the diamond ones were the worst

i dont like to use disks with a blue botom - but for some damn reason the light blue botoms work best
Dearie me. I'm not going to start talking about bottoms on this forum!

Seriously, I generally stick to Verbatim DataLifePlus - those are the "Metal Azo" discs, made by Mitsubishi, that have a very dark blue bottom. They've worked consistently well for me over the last few years (and not just in the Mega CD).

Recommending CD-R media is tricky, for several reasons:

1) The vast majority of companies that sell CD-R media do not make their own. This means that you could get, for instance, Memorex discs made by one company one month, and then buy Memorex discs the next month and get discs made by a completely different company. It seems that most cheaper brands are rebranded CMC Magnetics or Ritek.

2) Most people are not in a position to test with more than one burner, or with more than a few readers. Some burners and readers cope with problems much better than others.

3) Some media seems to work fine for 6-18 months or so and then starts developing symptoms of degradation.

The "serious" CD-R tests (meaning ones that test for correctable read error rate and/or simulated aging) I've seen say that TDK, Taiyo Yuden, Kodak, and Mitsui are the best manufacturers, and that CMC Magnetics and Ritek are not particularly good (they're not awful in my experience, but I've had one spontaneously develop problems on me so I no longer trust them for long-term use). Also, get 74-minute discs unless you really need that 6 extra minutes (for Sega CD you almost certainly don't) - they cram it in there by tightening the track pitch, which means that seeking and error correction are more difficult.
ive had weird spots form on those cheapo cds (under the laminate) - i dodnt use them any more i like the kodack gold 74 min ones but i cant find them any ware anymore

i purchased a cake dish and used it only for what i consider(special cds )
I found TDK cdrs to be the best for Sega CD and everything else in general. The ones that I am talking about are ones with the silver top not while and the lite greenish bottoms not dark blue. I have never had a problem with these.
I found TDK cdrs to be the best for Sega CD and everything else in general.

As have I. I've not tried the other "good" brands, but TDK has shown me a consistently good experience.

The ones that I am talking about are ones with the silver top not while and the lite greenish bottoms not dark blue. I have never had a problem with these.

Unless things have changed since I last looked at this, the white-top/blue-bottom ones are TDK discs, and the others are made for TDK by Ritek (supposedly under stricter QA standards than Ritek normally uses). I have used both types, and don't recall any problems with either that can be definitely traced to bad media.
Memorex (IIRC I've seen them sell both CMC Magnetics and Ritek) seem fine for short-term or audio use, but I don't count on them to hold up for more than a few years.
the fist cdrs ive ever purchased were memorex

i never got them again -- my experience they were the worst cdrs -- they only played in my pc the skiped alot in my portable cd player (which claimed that it reads cdrs) and they also skiped very badly in my psx -- they didnt work in any other stero and i had many buffer over run (or under run- dont remember the exact error message) with them
they also skiped very badly in my psx

I've had this happen a couple times too.

i had many buffer over run (or under run- dont remember the exact error message) with them

This is not due to media. A buffer underrun means that the burner's write buffer emptied before the disc was finished burning, which means that the burning software wasn't able to transfer data to the drive fast enough. This is usually due to putting a processing load on the machine while it's burning (e.g. by running a bunch of CPU-sucking stuff in the background), but sometimes it's due to a hardware configuration problem.
yea i know thats what it is but i had the feeling it was more than a coincidence when it "only" happened with those disks

i was thinking that something was getting filled up in the memory because of somekind of retry or search algorithim trying to detect a writeable area on the crapy blank -- i thought that was a good gues based on my experience with that brand of disks

oh! that error happened useing the memorex disk in a mitsumi burner and a rico burner and a hp burner -- "only" with that brand -- thats why i thought there was something to it

coming up with that i dea was in no way based on any algorithim i knew of -- since i never tried to find out any either --- i just asumed there was a procces like that -- so ofcourse there is a very high probability i am wrong -- beliving i was right